Introducing RELEVO 3D Wall Covering

A modular system with a contemporary design, for unique vertical surfaces.

The best raw material, American Walnut and European Oak, is enhanced by fine workmanship, giving life to extraordinary three-dimensional effects. The many versions and finishes available and the easy installation guarantee maximum freedom of design and a very high level of customisation: by combining modules of the same wall panelling with different profiles and installation options, a unique and made-to-measure composition is obtained each time, able to suit the spaces and give the environment a precise personality.

Asset 1
02 Wall spotlight 1100x480
Tribeca 3D Wall Panelling
American Walnut, Noce Oliato finish
03 Wall Full width 1920x800
04 Wall drawings 630x400


Tribeca 3D wall covering consists of modules crafted with three different patterns. Horizontal, vertical and oblique lines meet in each module to create an extremely varied and interesting texture. The possibility of putting together modules with different designs and inserting details in different wood finishes makes the final effect even more striking and customised.

The exquisite aesthetics of Tribeca 3D make it an effective solution for cladding – in addition to walls – also furnishing elements. In fact, internal passage doors and cupboard doors or cupboard fronts can be created.

The edging on all 4 sides of the panel are manufactured with an elegant 45 degree bevel, protecting the solid wood and avoiding an awkward sharp edge.

05 Wall Full width 1920x800
06 Wall drawings 630x400


Code 3D is a high-quality 3D effect modular wall panelling, obtained from solid wood surface mounted on a rectangular frame. The different profiles available are distinguished by the shape of the bas-relief millings, which can be accentuated or more rounded, and by their spacing.

The three-dimensional effect creates an interplay of light reflections, and the combination of modules characterised by different spacing – to be installed in horizontal, vertical or diagonal patterns – creates compositions of great aesthetic appeal.

07 Wall Full width 1920x800
08 Wall Full width 1920x800


Azalea 3D is the creative result – aesthetically original and eclectic – of the symbiosis between the textures of Tribeca 3D and the Azalea floor by Foglie d’Oro. The design, a geometric abstraction of natural shapes, can be chosen in Walnut or Oak version or in the Tribeca 3D Art version, which plays with the union between wood inserts and marble.

The aesthetic richness of the modular wall panelling Tribeca 3D and Tribeca 3D Art allows to obtain unique and personalised compositions each time, guaranteeing at the same time an easy design and simple installation.

Technical data

Tribeca 3D
Wall panelling 1 Wall panelling 2 Tribeca 3 D TD MOBILE 01
Code 3D
Wall panelling 3 Wall panelling 4 Code 3 D TD MOBILE 01
Azalea 3D
Wall panelling 5 Wall panelling 6 Azalea 3 D TD MOBILE 01
10 Principe brochure 1920x800