Update your space with the subtle yet distinctive Chevringbone pattern. This innovative masterpiece is skillfully crafted with irregular hexagonal elements, weaving an original geometric pattern that exudes modern sophistication.

This truly unique pattern is a mix of the popular Herringbone and Chevon design that gives any space an upbeat fresh and dynamic ambience. The elevated design creates a mesmerising interplay of light and dark that enhances the intricacy of the pattern. Chevron's exquisite craftsmanship transforms any living space into a contemporary oasis.

03 Chevringbone pattern LARGE

Technical Data

Chevringbone TD 1 Chevringbone TD 2 Chevringbone TD MOBILE 01


Glued recommended

Installation on underfloor heating system


Use and maintenance instructions

Clean with vacuum cleaner or damp cloth well wrung. Avoid cleaning with alcohol, solvents, ammonia based products


American Walnut

European Oak

Smoked European Oak

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