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The contemporary elements of the Frammenti design are all you need to enkove a modern style. This creative and intricate pattern is a dance of triangles and trapezes that play with light and lines. Available in a choice of wood finishes such as Walnut or Oak, the natural grain of the material softens this playful arrangement.

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Once you’ve got the flooring right, everything else just falls into place. And that’s exactly what the geometric pattern of Tricot does. The style is super avant-garde which creates an upscale ambience that can be complete with your choice of wooden finishes.

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Imagine stepping into a room that exudes a natural and calming aura, where every inch of space is adorned with the beauty of nature. That is the power of Petali.

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Tribeca Flat

If you’re looking to transform a space into a fresh and contemporary room that breathes luxury and style, this design is the one for you. The floor sets the scene, so make sure that it’s one that’s cutting edge.

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Eco is a visually striking design that celebrates the textures of Walnut and Oak wood in a variety of finishes. Luxuriously upgrading any setting thanks to its smooth rhythm and distinctive pattern.

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Subtle yet unique, the Ventaglio floor design is a unique pattern that instantly draws the eye. Immediately elevating any space and giving it an air of grandeur and sophistication. Transform your flooring into an elegant masterpiece.

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The mesmerising Intrecci design has been crafted with precision and elegance so that this exquisite floor can transform any space into a captivating masterpiece. Our skilled artisans meticulously arrange wooden pieces in an ornate, three-dimensional pattern that draws the eye effortlessly to the centre of each beautiful module.

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