Planks & Herringbones

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Hero pattern PH V1


Planks are our most classic range that easily adds an air of sophistication to any space thanks to its minimalist design, showcasing the essence of the timber in its purest form. The timeless quality of this design is ideal for a more understated look.

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Herringbone is a timeless pattern that will never go out of style. Its masterful craftsmanship captivates, creating an ambience of refinement that transforms your room into a sanctuary of impeccable taste.

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Bring some French inspiration into your space with the alluring Chevron design. Invoking an elegant charm, the zig-zag pattern is both classic and refined. A directional floor, characterised by its distinctive V-shape, it seamlessly elevates the aesthetic of any home, creating a harmonious blend of luxurious style and character.

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XL Chevron

Rich and classic in style, the XL Chevron is the ideal design for a large luxe space. Elegant and subtle, this unique reinterpretation of the classic chevron floor combines unparalleled craftsmanship with a modern twist, featuring extra-long planks available in mixed widths for a contemporary appeal.

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Update your space with the subtle yet distinctive Chevringbone pattern. This innovative masterpiece is skillfully crafted with irregular hexagonal elements, weaving an original geometric pattern that exudes modern sophistication.

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Jumbo Planks

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