The Principe collection brings an expressive new slant to the Italian design tradition, which is innovative by nature and able to encapsulate a whole universe in every object, thanks to its unique combination of materials, emotions and geometries. This is a tradition that travels down new roads, engaging with different lifestyles and cultures from near and far, while remaining consistent and recognisable, thanks to its awe-inspiring blend of form and function.

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02 Principe spotlight 1100x480
MP.422/LC Sideboard | MP.60/P Dining chair | MP.602 Round table | MP.422/G Sideboard | Regolo Design floor
03 Principe Full width 1920x800
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The new luxury is feeling at home in a delightful balance of materials, shapes and colours, in which American walnut is the key player, even when it does not appear in its naked essence.

In the Principe collection, the creativity and the uniquely personal architectural approach of Marco Piva engage with and enhance the finest of raw materials, including exquisite fabrics and leather as well as wood, entrusting them to the skilful hands and extraordinary craftsmanship with which Arte Brotto has been turning them into furnishing objects for over 50 years now.

The exclusive beauty of the Principe collection offers the chance for an authentic, original, uniquely personal take on contemporary lifestyles; here, beauty takes away in order to add, shaping atmospheres in which every piece of furniture interacts spontaneously with the spirit of the setting, creating a unique, distinctive atmosphere every time. Timeless wood reveals its contemporary soul as it meets metals, leather and fabrics. No detail is left to chance – and each detail encompasses and reveals the whole. Thus, even the flashiest, most apparently discordant element is never a contradiction, but instead a new approach to a rigorous, essential harmony.

01 Principe gallery 750x480
02 Principe gallery 370x480

MP.1920/B Cabinet

03 Principe gallery 370x480
04 Principe gallery 750x480

MP.422/LC Sideboard

MP.S02 Sofa | MP.1020 Coffee Tables

05 Principe Full width 1920x800
06 Principe square 630x630


American walnut wood is the main material of the Principe collection. Available in 4 different finishes, it offers the best colour option for each individual setting, guaranteeing maximum quality every time.
Lacquered finishes
Warm and cool tones, gloss and matt versions: the lacquered finishes are deftly applied to bring character to the models, working on particular features and details and creating interesting colour combinations that engage with the metals and the “naked” wood.
A huge variety of colours and types of fabrics have been chosen by Marco Piva and Arte Brotto for the Principe collection. Sofas, upholstered chairs, beds… all the furniture and accessories covered with fabrics offer endless customisation options.
01 Principe gallery 750x480
02 Principe gallery 370x480

MP.92/P Armchair

MP.920 Bed | MP.1020 Coffee tables | MP.92/P Armchair

03 Principe gallery 370x480
04 Principe gallery 750x480

MP.820/120 toilette MP.60/S chair

MP.120/G Bedside table

08 Principe brochure 1920x800 V1