Discover VERO Live Edge Table…

Two mirrored planks of solid wood, carved from the noble heart of the same century-old trunk and perfectly matched by skilful hands. This is the concept that inspired our iconic table – each time unique and unrepeatable - a one-off. Each Vero table is like a book full of knowledge that, once opened, offers signs to be interpreted and emotions to be experienced.

Vero table illustration
Foresta desaturata
Our products are made form only the finest European Oak and American Walnut from responsibly managed forests.
Vero table illustration 2
Made by Nature

The beauty of Vero stems from the encounter between the irregular shapes of nature and human creativity, which enhances their uniqueness. This is why, by combining the precious materials of solid wood, marble, metal and glass, Vero is able to become the centre of gravity of contemporary living spaces, where nature and architecture are in full symbiosis.

04 Vero Full width 1920x800
01 Vero gallery 750x480
02 Vero gallery 370x480
Brass joinery
Top: Pisani Oak, Brass key-joints
Top: Noce Oliato, resin detail
Legs: Vela, Piombo finish
03 Vero gallery 370x480
04 Vero gallery 750x480
Top: Noce Oliato
Legs: Cono, Onice striato
Top: Pisani Oak
Legs: V-Glass
06 Vero Full width 1920x800
09 Vero brochure 1920x800