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Hero pattern REFINED V1


A regal space should have a statement floor design that wows as much as the building does. The ornate and intricate details of the Doge floor create a decorative pattern that is sure to impress. This unique pattern perfectly lends itself to a Venetian Gothic architecture ambience.

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It’s the small details that make the difference in this exquisite pattern. Bringing your floor to life with the sophisticated basket weave design. The main feature of the design is the central insert which can be customised with your choice of marble, wood or a gilded ceramic pattern which has been hand-made by a local Venetian artist.

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Embrace the regality and charm of Italy by adorning your floors in the geometric Padova pattern. The distinguished style has been crafted with varying tones and wood types, mixing European oak and American walnut to deliver this striking contrast.

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Step into a world of La Dolce Vita with the Trieste flooring pattern. This artisan masterpiece is a mesmerising tapestry of intersecting lines that embrace an elegant octagon at the heart of the design. Each exquisite piece flows seamlessly between panels, weaving an intricate pattern that embodies modern opulence.

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Revel in the art of timeless elegance, where every step emanates an aura of prestige and sophistication. The Bardolino pattern elevates your space, with the pinnacle of Italian artistry in luxury flooring. Grace your interior with this understated masterpiece, where concentric overlapping planks converge to form a harmonious symphony of elegance and simplicity. The perfect addition to any refined building.

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Inspired by the grandeur of Ottoman aesthetics, Asolo is an architectural jewel that showcases a striking pointed star, exuding an air of opulence and refined taste. Allow this exquisite flooring to transport you to a realm of resplendent indulgence, where your every step is embraced by its lavish ambience.

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The refined Feltre pattern draws inspiration from the traditional 'Versailles’ panel, artfully intertwining modern aesthetics with timeless elegance, featuring diagonal planks that seamlessly flow to create a continuous pattern enveloping a symphony of square elements. Experience the beauty of the classic Feltre design as it elevates your space to new levels.

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Belvedere is a meticulously crafted symphony of form and colour, boasting a simple yet captivating pattern of interlocking triangles, accentuated by the intricate interplay of wood grain direction and the infinite spectrum of hues from natural to smoked timber. It simply transforms your space into one of unrivalled opulence and sophistication.

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