Modern and contemporary, the Regolo style provides endless opportunities for customisation. An upscale space needs a floor that is distinguished and refined, something that this geometric styling does effortlessly. Whilst simple in design, there is plenty of scope to personalise this pattern with your choice of wood, metal and marble inlay.

Regolo, in simple terms, means ruler. An instrument that is fundamental to any design work and conjures up images of sharp lines and edges. This pattern uses the staple ruler design to create a fresh design with a progressive edge.

03 Regolo pattern LARGE

Technical Data

Regolo TD 1 Regolo TD 2 Regolo TD 3 Regolo TD 4 Regolo TD 5 Regolo TD 6 Regolo TD MOBILE


Glued recommended

Installation on underfloor heating system


Use and maintenance instructions

Clean with vacuum cleaner or damp cloth well wrung. Avoid cleaning with alcohol, solvents, ammonia based products


American Walnut

European Oak

Smoked European Oak

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