TPI Interiors is a leading supplier of luxury interiors; our carefully selected Italian manufacturers introduce a new-era of innovative wood flooring and tailor-made furniture for prime residential and commercial spaces.
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Iconic and eclectic, our flooring collections take inspiration from the quality of the very finest varieties of wood, an ancient yet contemporary material. An exclusive approach to interior design, able to bring a versatile, original edge to contemporary trends and lifestyles.

Leading-edge, 4.0 technologies, software and machinery combine with hand-crafted processes, passion and research to create extraordinary design flooring in American Walnut and European Oak, guaranteeing a splendid appearance and performance, outstanding finishes and maximum durability.


The real luxury of precious materials and original design provide the inspiration for this collection, which features our most luxurious floors.

Each module offers a variety of layout options, each of which can be enhanced with material or colour contrasts to create surfaces that take on a sophisticated allure thanks to the inserts available, which can be chosen both with different wood finishes and with metal or marble features, creating original combinations suitable for the most exclusive homes.

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Thrilling, flowing and functional; that’s how this collection can be described. Vibrant and dynamic, each pattern is recognisable and unique, bringing a modern touch to any living space.

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The refined collection is all about nobility, history and distinction, the effective inspiration of a living style concept poised between timeless elegance and heritage appeal. Distinctive geometric patterns of simple lines and repeated patterns create a recognisable decorative impact for more traditional interiors.

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Planks & Herringbones

Here you can find our prime grade wide-plank, herringbone, chevron and beautiful never-seen-before ‘chevringbone’ floors, offered in a wide range of sizes and colours, to suit any setting.

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Fresh, elegant and sophisticated. Embrace a realm of artistry and innovation where nature's beauty meets expert craftsmanship. Three captivating collections, each with different distinct features and functions, celebrating individuality. Experience reimagined design traditions, blending materials, emotions, and geometries into beautiful forms that engage with diverse spaces and lifestyles.

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Vero Table

A unique and recognisable piece, up to 4m long and beyond! The signature features of the Vero tables are the distinctive live edges and the solid wood top, created from the centre of century-old trees, combined with contemporary design legs and finishes.

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Principe Collection

Renowned Italian architect Marco Piva has conceived and designed each piece in the Principe collection, inspired by an idea of beauty, comfort and an underlying creative intuition that has shaped and blended matter and form. The exclusive beauty of the Principe collection offers the chance for an authentic, original, uniquely personal take on contemporary lifestyles.

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Relevo Wall Panelling

Arte Brotto and Foglie d’Oro redefine the boundaries of the wall panelling concept with a range of modular 3D solutions consisting of stunning fine workmanship, both extraordinary in terms of aesthetic and functional versatility, perfectly designed to suit a range of spaces using both Walnut and Oak wood.

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Tailor made

At TPI interiors, we take pride in offering a truly bespoke service, collaborating with our esteemed partner brands to turn your design dreams into reality, tailored to your every whim. We prioritize your vision, meticulously transforming your desires into tangible projects that breathe life into your spaces. From the initial concept to the final installation, we remain committed to delivering perfection, ensuring every step of the process reflects your individual needs.

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